Nominated Architect
Morgen Figgis 11493 NSW
South Coast, NSW
We look to celebrate tactility and texture, the complexity of humanity, and the simple essentials of sunlight and breeze.
At the heart of all of Barnacle Studio’s permutations is our admiration of the natural world and all the complex and dynamic systems that sustain it. Our focus is on creating structures and spaces that are sustainable to their natural environment and to the people that inhabit them. They are considered and surprising, restrained and artful, familiar and extraordinary, enjoyable and practical, flexible and durable.  
Our services attempt to draw a link between architecture, design, art, stories, ecology, science and colour. We know a lot, while knowing very little. We are a small entity, but with collaboration, shared resources and skills, have the capacity to work on larger projects. We have a hands on approach that reflects our history of working hands.
We have particular experience in contemporary residential design, as well as involvement in commercial, public, retail and event design.  
Morgen Figgis
Bachelor of Architecture
The University of Tasmania
A maker of many things. Morgen uses this experience to inform a structural integrity and honesty in his design work. He drives the architectural side of the practice.
Mignon Steele
Bachelor Fine Arts
National Art School
Mignon negotiates colour and materiality for many Barnacle Studio projects, as well as the occasional site specific painting. She is an exhibiting artist represented by The Egg and Dart gallery in Thirroul.
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